Welcome to the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) Locator Platform

With the decentralization of the collection of Permanent Voter's Card (PVC), INEC has instructed that PVCs be collected at the Ward (Registration Area).

This tool provides a means of identifying where exactly your ward is located so you can go there to pick up your PVC. If you experience challenges or have further questions, please contact INEC at 0700-CALL INEC (0700 2255 4632)


You can locate your PVC 2 ways

  • Using your Polling Unit (PU) Number: Please enter the PU number provided on your Temporary Voters Card (TVC) number in the “PU Number Search Form”. Click "FIND MY PVC" to view the Pick Up location for your PVC.

  • Using your Ward and/or Polling Unit Description If you don't have your TVC, please select your State and LGA where you registered. If you know your Ward, select it from the dropdown. If you don't know your Ward, click on the checkbox and you can enter a keyword of your Polling unit. Click "FIND MY PVC" to view the Pick Up location for your PVC.
PU Number Search form

Please enter your Polling Unit (PU) Number

Polling Unit / Ward Number Search form

Please enter a keyword(s) for describing the Polling Unit you registered. For instance, if it was at “Model Primary School, Ikorodu Road”, you can enter “Ikorodu Road” or “Model Primary. You will be provided with a list of locations along with their corresponding PVC pick up locations